Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sandals Montego Bay Jamaica

We decided to come back to Sandals Montego Bay (MOBAY) since we had such a great time on our honeymoon. This time we wanted to do a split stay so we did Ocho Rios first and than ended with MOBAY. We booked a room with a garden view in the Seagrapes building. I made the mistake of doing the cheapest room not knowing that their was a difference in the rooms. We soon found out that CLUB level meant you got a mini wet bar in the room. We were disappointed when we checked in this time to find out we were at the edge of the property and didn't have a bar since I thought I had booked the same room category as we booked on our first visit. We talked with the front desk and after talking for a couple hours the manager offered to move us to the Seagrapes building where we thought we were going to be and we ended up getting a mini wet bar for the hassle. This happened the next day though so we still had to deal with being at the edge of the property for a day and no bar in the room. The closest bar was the pool bar and that was still a walk away and our buzz usually had worn off on the walk back plus they were working on the rooms walking to our room. We felt it should have been blocked off so we didn't see that or get bothered by the workers. It was very frustrating that we were put in the wrong room in the first place.

Once we got moved to the correct room things finally got better and since we enjoyed our first stay so much signed up for Sandals Select. Which is a really great program Sandals offers to reward returning guests. They do a welcome back party every Tuesday night and you get a welcome back t-shirt, pair of sandals, and treated to a really nice dinner. The loyalty staff and few managers also join you for dinner which is really neat to get to know the staff more. We were fortunate to be there for the remodel of the new lobby and bar so they had extra bottles of rum they gave out to us at the welcome back dinner. During this time too they award other select members that have done so many visits. The minimum to get a reward is the silver pendant for 35 nights, gold pendant for 56 nights, and for every paid 70 nights you get a free week!! What other all inclusive resort rewards you with a free week just for coming back?!!

cutting ribbon

Shots tower in Cricketer
Storm coming in

Since things didn't start out so well for us at MOBAY we spent alot of time this trip over at Royal Caribbean. This resort also has new things since we were last there a year ago. These neat swings in the water, a dragon boat to take you to the Thai restaurant for dinner, and the over the water bungalows that are like going to Bora Bora but less time on the plane and a 15 minute ride from the airport.

Over water bungalows shaped like a heart!

MOBAY has done a lot of changes now and most the remodel is done now so we may go back. Still need for work on convincing my husband that one bad experience shouldn't stop us from going back to where our love with Sandals started.

Has anyone been to MOBAY since they have remodeled? What are your thoughts?

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