Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park CO

Stanley Hotel

I'm sure if you've seen the movie The Shining you are aware of the famous Stanley Hotel. The hotel is located in Estes Park, CO which is a beautiful, fun little town to visit. Our tour started with the history of Estes Park and the hotel and then we went through the hotel. We're told of several encounters in a few of the rooms and things that are seen in the hallways. After the tour we captured a few unexplainable pictures so based off what we saw I would saw the Stanley Hotel is haunted but recommend you experience it for yourself.

This picture theirs something to the left but I can't make out what it is.

This lady wasn't on our tour so I thought it was a neat she showed up.

If you've had any experiences please leave your comments I'd love to read them. ;)

Steamboat Springs tubbing the Yampa River

Every year the 2nd weekend in July we go to Steamboat Springs for our annual camping trip. After we set camp up and get a good nights rest we go tubing down the Yampa River. It's alot of fun. The river is more lazy with a few rapids along the way to keep it flowing/ interesting. If you're ever in the Steamboat area in the summer it's a must do.
Yampa River

Fish Creek Falls

Denver Botanic Gardens

Japanese Garden
If you have never been to Denver's Botanic Garden it would be one of my top places to see. Dozens of gardens that are transforming from spring until fall, and every day is magically different! Every garden has something special to recommend it. I can't pretend that these pictures represent even a fraction of the wonderful plants, flowers, and scultptures. I think Denver is as a very eclectic city and it shows in the art that we have around the city. At the Botanic Garden's the art is constantly changing year to year to show case many artists.


I never cease to be amazed at how wonderfully the staff and volunteers operate the Gardens! People love to picnic in the greenhouse which is wonderfully almost any time of year!