Sunday, October 3, 2010

catching crabs...

A few years ago we went to Maryland. We saw some locals at the pier with just a piece of string and chicken. We thought what the heck are they going to catch with that. So we waited and saw them pull up a dungenous crabs!! If you want to try this at home or on your next beach trip follow these steps:

  1. Buy some turkey or chicken parts from your local grocery store. Necks, wings and legs work best, but crabs aren't all that picky about their bait. Whatever's cheap and available will do fine.

  2. Tie the bait to a long strand of string. Wade out into the water and cast your line. If the bait doesn't seem to sink, reel it back in and tie a small fishing weight to the string's end. This will keep the bait down where the crabs can find it.

  3. Wait patiently for a crab to grab onto your line. If you've picked a good spot, you'll hopefully get a nibble or two in the first half-hour. If not, pull in your line and cast it out somewhere else on the beach.

  4. Maintain tension in the string as you pull the crab in, but don't pull too hard. Keep a dip net handy for catching the crab when it arrives.

  5. Scoop your dip net into the water and seize the crab. This can be tricky with rushing currents and especially waves, so it helps to have someone else nearby to work the net while you watch the string.
Have fun!!

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