Thursday, July 13, 2017

Washington State

Washington Coast

First thing we did when we got off the plane was get our rental car and headed to Ocean Shores, WA. We loved Ocean Shores beautiful rocky beaches with a darker sand than we were used to seeing (i'd only been to Florida before this). When we came in the tide was going out so we could walk out really far and saw sand dollars everywhere! The water was chilly we went in November an overcast day but was worth it to see for the day.  


The next couple days we spent our time sightseeing Seattle and took in the city’s most famous sights on our short trip. There are so many things to do in Seattle make sure to see these places below. We stayed right in the heart of downtown at the Marriott hotel. The location was perfect with quick access to all of Seattle's best attractions.

The Space Needle

Nothing is more Seattle than the Space Needle. With just one picture of this iconic landmark, you know right where you are. A short walk from downtown this Seattle sight was worth it. Built in 1961 the space needle embraces the mid-century modern design with the sweeping curves and futuristic looking accents. The tower was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair, but still today the top deck gives a pretty good view of Seattle for tourists and locals.

Pike Place Market

Next on our tour of Seattle was to the iconic Pike Place Market. The market is comprised of hundreds of individual stalls selling anything from flowers to fish. The size of the market is nothing short of impressive. Allow the better half of a day to check out the market. Pike Place Market covers roughly 12 square city blocks along the water’s edge. We enjoyed lunch at the deli.

Whale watching tour

On our last day we took a drive up to Everett to do a whale watching tour with Island Adventures. We thought because they guarantee that you will see whales or they will take you out another time we would use them. Unfortunately we did not see whales on our trip but they did give us passes to come back for another complimentary ride and hopefully will have better luck next time. Nonetheless the boat ride was gorgeous going out from Everett through the straights and seeing all the islands and marine life we saw sea lions and birds. We still haven't been back to use our passes but hoping to go back soon Washington State is beautiful and has a lot of to see.

Have you been to Washington? What would you add to our route?
 As always all of our opinions are our own.

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