Thursday, August 29, 2013

asking bridesmaids....

I love that Pinterest had been created and anything and everything you want ideas or inspiration in can be found on Pinterest! I've started getting ideas for our wedding and came across the cutest thing on asking your bridesmaids to stand up with you on your wedding day! I knew I wanted to do something personal and make my girls feel like I really want them to be there and value them so I saw bigger boxes that they can open and have little gifts. you can use whatever you want! here is what I did: 
for this first one this is for my maid of honor my sister Heather ;) I did a mini margarita, a champagne flute I added lips too, a bridesmaid tank from Victoria secret, body lotion, mini tiaras I found at hobby lobby ( I love them!! they were napkin rings!) MOH pin from craft store, ring pop ( I left in the bag for sanitation reasons since Im mailing a few of mine), small bag of Carmel corn, sand dollar we found on the beach in Ocean Shore, WA,  mints from little white bridal shop, minted lip gloss from Victoria secret, diamonds in the floral section of craft store, and my favorite Disney character Ariel sanitizer s from the dollar store!! ;) the other bridesmaids will be the same just have bridesmaid things instead of MOH ;) 
 since one of my bridesmaids is under age I found these sparkling apple juices at the store and just added tinfoil to the too to make it look like champagne. I will give these to my flower girls too! 
My cat Daphne loved the mini tiaras I hope my girls do too! ;) 

coast to coast vacation!

Thank you to all my followers, I'm sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. Alot has happened this year. In Janurary, I did my first half marathon Tinkerbell half marathon in Anaheim, Ca. Then in February we went to southwest Florida and 
we spent time with my parents at their home. We had a blast seeing the area and going to the beach relaxing and visiting. of course it wasn't enough time but we had to head over to Orlando for my second half marathon and Andy had booked a day at Discovery Cove. We booked our Orlando hotel through bass pro true green and it was a really nice hotel. Once we got to discovery cove I found out that Andy booked the dolphin swim package and sea venture. I was really excited to spend the day there! we started with sea venture, they have a group of about 8 people out in underwater helmets with a tube for oxygen as they lower you into the water. once in the water your helmet is dry but your chin is resting in the water kind of a weird feeling and almost felt alittle over whelming but the scuba instructors kept us calm once everyone was in the water we started the tour. we swam with sharks and sting rays in the end we were able to hold starfish and sea urchins and then they gave us romain lettuce to feed the fish and sting rays that was so neat. after we finished our sea venture we went to have breakfast everything is included in your day adventure at Discovery cove which was great and we didn't have to keep goin to our locker for money. the alcohol drinks were also included in the price. after breakfast it was time for our dolphin swim. that was one of the best experiences ever we got to wade in waist deep water assisting in training the dolphins and feeding them. we also got to kiss the dolphins and feel them up close. we learned you can tell the dolphins apart with there dorsal fin. once we were finished with the warm up training we went into the deeper water to do a few more tricks before holding on to the dolphins fin and going for a ride. the dolphin is so powerful moving through the water and making it feel like it was nothing pulling us along. this was one of my dreams and Andy surprised me by planning it! then after we finished and they told everyone to get out they asked Andy and I to stay in the water for more training so they had me feed Velma and then she swam over to the other trainers and came back with a buoy. once she got close enough to me the trainer said to grab it and as I did I read "will you marry me?" and Andy was on his knee in the water. it was so sweet and was my all time dream to be proposed to with the dolphin!!  we then posed for pictures in the water with the dolphin and came out to a huge group of people clapping and congratulating us it was so neat! then the rest of the day we spent scuba diving with more sting rays bigger than we were and floating in the lazy river. the next day we went to Disney world had alot of fun riding the rides and for the first time ever I rode Dumbo ;) we wanted to eat at the new beauty and the beast restaurant but the wait was too long and we didn't know to make reservations. the next day was my race Disney princess half marathon! it was so much fun waiting in my heat hearing the other people go and the fireworks going on at the start of each heat. the fairy god mother sent us off on our magical journey in the early morning runnin through Disney world the best part was running through the castle! I was so proud of myself for finishing both races although for the princess race I lost my bib along the way still was a magical experience. great way to end our trip just wish we could have been closer to my parents so theycould have came and watched me do my race, to spend alittle bit more time with them, and show them all my bling: my ring and medals ;) Also, since i did two half marathons in the same calendar year, one in CA and the other in FL I got a special coast to coast medal!