Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disney pineapple drink

I was at Disneyland and it was so hot, I was trying to find something to quench my thirst. I then saw a pineapple hut and the line was really long so I thought I'd try it out, with so many people in line it must be good! I ordered a pineapple and ice cream type drink and it was so good! Since I live in Colorado I don't get to go to Disney but maybe every other year so and I was craving the pineapple drink so I was thinking how I could create it at home and it was so easy!
I just added pineapple sherbet and pineapple juice to a cup and boom yummy Disney pineapple drink!!


  1. Yum! Pineapple is definitely one of my favorite fruits! Will be trying this too (:

  2. This is cool... never actually thought of Pineapple and ice-cream together!!! I bet it makes a good combo!? Must try!!

    - (rtwong - Follow me #4 SB)

  3. This drink looks soooooo good.

    -Zefaniya Follow me #4

  4. You can't go wrong with any flavor sherbet and juice imho. :-) Your drink looked delish!
    Follow Me 4

  5. cool!! and it looks good although I don't like pineapple alot.
    -Jungpo from Follow Me #4

  6. It's soooo cool, and I will definitely try this pineapple drink.
    Krizia, Follow me #4

  7. Sounds and looks lovely. AnaGoncalves New follower from Swap-bot.