Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beach Clay pot

  • Small clay pot
  • Yellow, orange, red, green, light brown, blue, and white paints
  • Elmers glue
  • Hot glue  
  • Sand
  • About 16 pasta shells
Paint the flower pot light blue (mix a litle bit of white to the blue).  Paint the bottom half of the flower pot light brown. Mix some elmers glue into the brown paint and apply the mixture over the brown area of the pot. Sprinkle on some sand while the mixture is still wet.  Use the red paint to paint a crab and green to paint seaweed. You can add a few fish or star fish if you'd like. Paint your pasta shells, I had two of each color. Hot glue the pasta shells around the rim of the flower pot.  Fill your pot with a plant or your favorite candies. I think I'm going to fill mine with sand and sea shells.

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