Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 3 of Christmas Crafts- nautical photo ornament

2X2 picture frame
White paint
Blue Paint
Lime green Paint
Coral paint
Screw eye (optional)

I found this picture frame really cheap at the dollar store so I was trying to think what I could do with it. I then thought about an idea I saw with a wooden anchor that was attached to a picture frame so I thought I'd try that too.

  • I painted my picture frame white. I'm going to make a few more with more of a distressed look on the frame, because I think the white looks great book it would have more of that beach vibe if it wasn't so clean :).
  • I then started to paint the anchor with my blue paint. I then used the lime green as a rope to wrape around the anchor.
  • Then I thought I needed something more so I added a fun hibiscus to the corner with the coral paint.
  • Since my picture frame didn't have something in the back to hang it from I drilled a small hole in the top center and inserted the screw eye. I finished it off with some ribbon I had laying around.

Since I had all the materials but the frame it only cost $1 to make! Would make great stocking stuffers or package gift tags. I'll try to add more pictures with the other ones I'm going to try (lighthouse, sail boat, palm tree) .

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