Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 7 of Christmas crafts- Gum drop wreath

Sorry about the late post! I just love how this wreath turned out!

Styrofoam wreath

2 bags of gum drops (I found mine at Walmart)
Hot glue
Wide ribbon

First, I hot glued the wreath and placed the gumdrops in a row alternating colors. (This is where I wish I could find the red and green gum drops. I think they'd make a really fun Christmas wreath!) Stagger the gum drops so you don’t get any big holes.  Keep going around until you’re done (don’t cover the back). Then tie on a ribbon and hang! :D

I had some of those peppermint round candies so I thought I would make a few ornaments for the tree with them. I just hot glued the pieces together since I didn't plan on eating them.

I picked up them little holiday gummies at walmart and I was trying to think how I could display them without being tempted to eat them all :). So I decided to make a box out of paper and I used silver glitter paint to outline the lines on the paper. I then placed my gummies inside the box, ( I left the wrappers on) and I taped them box to the candy cane. Their really light so I might try to hot glue a few to the candy cane wrapper and see if that works out better. :)

Here are just a few more decorations  I did tonight.

Candies I added to a vase filled with cotton balls

My new favorite candy peppermint hershey kisses!!!

Green wine bottles with berry twigs I got at Hobby Lobby

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  1. What a cute little candy cane gift!

    Thanks for linking up to SS!