Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 25 of Christmas crafts- felt ornament flower

I hope you all had a nice Christmas! Well this is my 25th craft for Christmas. I'm not sure if it will be my last yet though. I got really busy these last two weeks at work so I didn't get time to finish some crafts I wanted to post. I may just save them for next year.

hot glue
mason jar circle or jar lid
white glitter

I used the edge of my felt to make 11 large half circles. I just guessed how big I wanted my petals to be. Hot glue the petals around the outer edge of the lid. I then cut 15 smaller half circles to lay inside the flower. Again I just free handed them a little smaller than the large petal.  Continue hot gluing overlapping the first layer of petals.When you get to the center you will have to fold the last two petals to fit. I placed a dab of hot glue and sprinkled white glitter on top. Finish off by hot gluing ribbon to the back of the lid.
Pipe cleaner Christmas trees

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