Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 24 of Christmas crafts- pop can flower

I saw this idea on Alexandra and Julia's blog. Since I like to do little present toppers I thought this would be perfect for a few of my presents. I'm really happy with how they turned out too! My boyfriend couldn't believe they were made from a pop can.

pop can
hot glue
spray paint

Start by dissecting your soda can, removing the top and bottom of the can and cut the can so you can lay it flat. Then your going to want to cut your can vertical 4 times, equal size. Then cut 3 times horizontally. You should have 12 rectangle pieces after doing this. Then create your petals, pinch each petal in the middle of one end.
Using the top of your can as a base attach your petals using hot glue. With one can you can make two flowers with the top and bottom for the base but I like to use the top because then you have the pop tops you can use to hang string from for hanging/ attaching to packages.
I then spray painted the front of the flowers. After the paint dried I put a stripe of glue in the center of the petal and sprinkled with purple glitter. Shake the excess back into the container.

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