Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 23 of Christmas crafts- yarn snowman

This year I'm really into snowmen and candy canes! I saw this little guy out in blog land and wanted to try it out for myself. :) I'm really sorry for my late post again. I've been working a lot and tonight when I got home had to do some wrapping and little present topper gifts for my boyfriend's family since he's leaving after work to go home.

white yarn
3 foam balls
2 brown pipe cleaners
black felt
small candy cane
candy corn
hot glue
tooth picks
small black top hat

I first started with wrapping the foam balls with the white yarn covering the balls completely. I then made the small black top hat. I stacked the balls together using toothpicks and hot glue. I then hot glued the black hat to the top of the head. I then cut out 2 black circles of felt for the eyes and attached them with hot glue. Then I cut 3 more black felt circles for the buttons and attached them. I used the small candy candy for his pipe and secured it in place with hot glue. I then attached the ribbon for his scarf and shaped the pipe cleaners for his arms and pushed them into the foam balls.

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