Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 22 of Christmas crafts - pinecone cardinal

I first saw these pinecone cardinals on martha I thought they were really cute and would make a perfect gift for my Grandparents since they love birds!!

black and red acrylic paint
3 large pinecone scales
wooden ball 
hot glue
brown pipe cleaner

Paint large scales, wooden ball, and pinecone red. Cut off rounded ends of 2 large scales at an angle for wings. Cut remaining large scale to form 2 points for tail. Bend wire into a narrow U shape. Paint wire black. Brush curved end of legs with glue. Attach to pinecone body, tucking behind scales. Bend feet. Brush wide end of body with glue. (For one of my pinecone cardinals I used brown pipe cleaner instead of the plain wire.) Attach wooden ball. Brush top edges of wings and tail with glue. Attach to body, tucking behind scales. Paint on black eyes. For the nose I used a small piece of brown pipe cleaner and put a little glue on the end and attached to the wooden ball.


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