Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 20 of Christmas crafts- bottle snowman

Sorry for my late post tonight. I received my shutterfly cards tonight so I wanted to get those made out so I could get them in the mail tomorrow and hopefully my family and friends will receive them by Christmas.

3 round pop bottles (found at Walmart)
2 brown pipe cleaners
2 red pipe cleaners
white spray paint
red ribbon
black felt
red felt
black spray paint cap
hot glue

I filled a bottle with sand so I could anchor the snowman. Then cut off the neck of one bottles. Make the hole big enough so you can put the bottom bottle inside it. Then I hot glued the cut bottle on top of the bottom bottle and another bottle neck up to the middle bottle.

I then spray painted the bottles white. I left it to dry outside over night. Then I hot glued the black spray paint cap to the top of the snowman. I hot glued a stripe of red pipe cleaner around the bottom of the cap. Then I made a flower out of red pipe cleaner by making an accordion like pattern and then circling the ends together. I hot glued the flower then to the black cap. For the arms I shaped two brown pipe cleaners and then poked a little hole in the sides of the snowman and inserting them. I also secured the arms with a little bit of hot glue. I then cut 5 round circles with the black felt and a red circle for the nose and attached 2 of the black circles for the eyes and placing the other 3 down the snowman for buttons. I then cut 6 small black felt circles for the mouth. Attach your ribbon for the scarf. I set my snowman outside the front door.

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