Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14 of Christmas crafts- Rudolph bell

This is a fun craft for your kids and friends to do since it doesn't cost a lot and it's really easy to make. Depending on your kids ages you may need to help them with the hot glue and cutting out the felt pieces. :)

Jingle bell
small clay pot 3"
black and red felt
brown pipe cleaner
hot glue
brown paint (optional)

If you want to paint your clay pot brown to take on more of the reindeer look do that first. Then take your bell and your ribbon, and cut it to 12 inches in length. Use that length to string the bell on. Make sure the bell is right in the middle of the ribbon. You are then going to tie a knot at the bell, and another half way down the ribbon. Create your ribbon loop.You are going to want to string the loop through the clay pot, and tie another knot at the top of the ribbon. This will make your reindeer jingle when it is moved. Or, you can use it to create a loop to hang the reindeer on a tree like an ornament.You will want to put glue on the top of the pot to ensure the ribbon with the bell on it will stay put. With the red felt cut out a circle for Rudolph's nose and with the black felt cut out two circles for the eyes. Take the brown pipe cleaner and shape the antlers. Glue the eyes, nose, and antlers on. Then write the year on the inside so that in the future you know what year you made this.

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