Thursday, December 2, 2010

25 Days of Christmas Crafts...Day 1

bead candy canes

I love these. Candy canes don't last at my house so I had to come up with another way to do them.They are really easy to make and fun for the kids. Tri-beads in either two or three colors.

  • I used white pipe cleaner and at the bottom I made a knot, as close to the bottom as possible.
  • I then started with my green and white candy candy putting the beads on every other.
  • At the top I did another knot. Just trim the ends at the knot. For the other candy cane I just alternated the 3 colors.
  • Then just form your wire to look like a candy cane.  

Small craft beads were $2.19 a tube.They came in a variety of colors. I picked pink and white and lime green and white. I'm trying to do the Grinch theme this year. I used artistic wire that I found at Hobby Lobby. I used two feet. It needs to be a little more than twice the length of your candy cane because you are going to double it over and give it a twist.  The bigger the beads the longer the strands need to be. I'm going to make an itty bitty candy cane earrings later :). 
  • Make a Loop in the end of the wire. 
  • String one color of beads to the desired length. I started with the pink beads. Bend the wire back on itself and string the second color of beads, but leave a little bit of slack. You don’t want the beads to be too tight. You want the length of both colors to be the same. Trim the wire. leave enough wire to make a loop (and make the loop) I left a little bit of slack on both sides. Not much, just about a quarter inch.
  • Twist the Beads together. I held mine at the bend and gave it a few good twists.
  • Finish off your ornament by gently hooking one of the ends around so that it resembles a candy cane shape. I hooked around the end where the wire was folded back on itself so that my loops were on the bottom of the ornament. 

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