Saturday, November 20, 2010

wicked witch of the west

I've seen so many cute ideas for doing the wicked witch of the west's legs: under a house, underneath your work desk, hanging down from the chimney. I just had to do it! I bought some green and black stripped tights from Party America and filled them with crinkled newspapers. I thought about putting them outside but since I live near a busy bike trail and in apartments I thought it's probably better to keep them in the house. So I put them at the patio door. But she was missing something.... RUBY SLIPPERS. I thought about sticking a pair of my red stilettos on her but then I came across this witch shoe template.

 Looked super easy to make so  printed it out and I had some plain cardboard folders laying around so I taped the template to the front page and cut through the closed folder. After I had cut around the shoe I took one of the shoes and scored it on all the dotted lines and started to fold the shoe, holding it together with a little bit of hot glue. Repeat with the other shoe.

 Since I didn't have a red folder I had to paint the shoes red with a few coats. I then painted Elmer's glue on and sprinkled with red glitter. I used some of my left over red glitter ribbon to make little bows for the shoes. I was getting glitter everywhere though so I sprayed them with alittle hairspray and that solved the problem. I'm sure you could use any sealant though :). I then put the shoes on the witches legs.

 I kept them up till a few days before Halloween when Andy and I decided to go out to some Halloween parties and I was saving the Queen of hearts for our big party!! So I put together a Wicked witch of the west costume.

Super cute spider earrings from Target

Mascaraed Ball- I couldn't decide what to wear for a mask. I tried painting butterflies on the sides of my eyes. Wasn't sure if I liked that though....

Then I remembered I had a mask that I bought at Pottery Barn last year that would be perfect and boy was I right! :)

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