Saturday, November 20, 2010

tiny red hat and card wand

To make our teeny tiny top hat, you'll need:
Some flexible plastic, I used a 1 liter Mt Dew bottle
Scrap cardboard, I used a 24 pack pop box
Red paint
Red Glitter (optional)
Red glitter ribbon (optional)
Colored Gems (optional)
Hot glue
xacto knife
First I took the label off the Mt Dew bottle. Then with my xacto knife in the area I took the label off cut the top off and then the same with the bottom of the bottle. The center where the label was I thought made the perfect height/width for the hat. Plus the lines on the bottle make it easy to cut out. But you can also use those red plastic cups, no cutting involved in that cup.
Then I painted the plastic cylinder I just cut out red. I had to use a few coats to get the color I wanted. I then traced the circle to the pop box and cut the out and glued it to the top of the cylinder. Then I painted the top red.
For the base I looked around my place for a circle object that I felt would be proportioned right to make a circular base it ended up being an uggs box I got from ugg earmuffs. I then painted the base circle top and bottom red. Once it dried I hot glued the cylinder to the center of the circle.
I felt the hat needed alittle something more so I added red glitter ribbon to the base of the hat. I also had some left over colored gems from scrape booking so I used them to put on the top circle base. I saw these with alot of Halloween costumes this year but they had a dorky elastic band to keep it up so I thought I would hot glue a few bobby pins under the hat. Just make sure when you do it to open the bobby pin so you don't hot glue both ends together. :)
for the card wand I just took a wooden stick and painted it black and found a deck of cards, picked out the King, Queen, Jack of hearts and hot glued them together and to the stick. I then put a heart sticker in front.

Finished tiny hat and card wand

I glued glitter to my hat for a final touch. I also used the red paint to paint a heart over my lips and the blue eye shadow from the new Alice and Wonderland movie.

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