Saturday, November 20, 2010

O Christmas tree.....

I love this time of year! We put our Christmas tree, lights, and decorations up. I know early, but I really love Christmas and how warm and inviting it makes your home. If my boyfriend would let me I'd keep the tree and lights up all YEAR! lol This year I got to put up my big girl tree :). I got a great deal the day after Christmas on a 6ft pre lite tree so I was really excited to take it out of the box and decorate it this year. I also picked up an assortment of colorful ornaments. But now I'm left with what to do with my small 3ft tree. I have a really hard time parting with things! I thought of putting it up in my bedroom but then I thought I'd just make it look like a natural tree. So I added some broken pine cones I had stored away. I'll be adding tutorials later on pine cone crafts. I'm not sure if I should add a simple white string of lights or add fake snow to the branches. What do you think? (I'll be putting it outside on our patio).

Here are a few more pictures of our decorations ;)
Daphne really likes to help me decorate :)

I filled my hurricane vase with ornaments
I got this Christmas card last year from my sister and it's just so cute instead of placing it on the mantel I thought to put it in a vase of sand I had on the mantel from a trip to Florida.

I love these Pine Cone Elves (tutorial to come later)

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