Sunday, November 28, 2010

Movie premier party

I found this neat idea to make popcorn cupcakes and a cake. I made it for a movie night with my parents and sister.

Yellow cake box mix: (2 eggs, 1/4 cup vegetable oil, and water)
1 can of cream cheese frosting
I bag of mini marsh mellows
Yellow food coloring or yellow sugar sprinkles
Red food Coloring or red tube of squeezable frosting

I first I mixed all the ingredients together according to the box mix. I then lined my 12 cupcake pan for 4 cupcakes and filled them half full. I then used the left over cake batter for a small square baking dish (9X13). I cooked the cupcakes first and once I put a toothpick in and it came out clean :) about 12 minutes I put the cake in for about 30 minutes. I let both of them cool and after 15 minutes flipped the cake out onto my counter. I then cut one side of the cake to make more or a rectangle shape and put the cut cake to the side for now. If you wanted you can cut the cake to more of a U shape to resemble a popcorn container.

I started to frost my cake. After I was finished I placed the cake on my cake stand. In the middle of the cake I then took some of the frosting maybe a couple of table spoons and added red food coloring. I added that to a piping bag and in the center of the cake drew a circle big enough to be able to write popcorn in the middle of it. After drawing the circle then write POP CORN inside with the red frosting. To finish off the red I drew about 6 vertical red lines down the cake.

Now frost the cupcakes with white frosting and put aside.For the cake we put aside, I just chopped that up into little cubes and added a couple big chunks to the top of the cupcakes to help mound it up. The rest I placed at the top of cake on the cake stand. I frosted the cupcakes again with a little bit of frosting to cover the cubes and make the mound shape come more to life. I did the same with the cake. Make sure not to use too much frosting.

To make the popcorn:
Take the marsh mellows and cut them in the center about halfway down. A few of the marsh mellows I cut them in the center about half way down vertical and horizontal. I think they look like teeth, but after you brush them with yellow food coloring they look like popcorn :). You will need quite a bit to cover a your cupcakes and cake. To add a 'butter' effect to the popcorn, take a tiny bit of water, add two drops of yellow food coloring and mix well. Using a paint brush (preferably not the ones you have already used crafting =)) lightly brush on the water mixture to your marshmallows, place them in a ziploc until you are ready to decorate.Working in a random pattern, begin placing the prepared marshmallows onto your cupcake. The icing will hold them in place. You want to make sure you cover as much icing as possible, leaving as little of space possible between each piece. After placing them where I wanted them, I brushed more butter but just add to your liking.

Yellow food coloring and water, I didn't have food coloring so I used yellow sugar sprinkles

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Popcorn cupcake chilling in the freezer

Snacks and popcorn containers for the real stuff!

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