Saturday, November 20, 2010

easy candy corn sphere...

Caution these are top heavy. I put my in a hurricane vase on my fire mantel with some heavy beads in the bottom to keep in balanced.

Supplies needed:
2 bags of candy corn
Styrofoam ball
long wood sticks
hot glue gun

I started by pushing the wood stick half way through the Styrofoam ball and to seal the hole I just filled in some hot glue. I then started to hot glue the Styrofoam ball and placed the candy corns in a row all around the ball. I did this for one half and once I got to the end it wasn't really working to go in a row anymore so I just started placing them as needed. Repeat for the other half :) If you want to you can spray it with a protective spray. This is my first time making it and it was so easy that if it doesn't last I will just make one again next year.
I like the look of placing it on the candy corns like a Carmel apple but I think it might break off the tips.

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