Monday, November 22, 2010

CO travel

Moving to new States does have it's perks of being able to be a tourist. I've seen a lot of Colorado and can recommend places to see now:

  • 16 Street Denver - I like to catch the light rail in Englewood and it takes you under the convention center and to the 16 Street Mall. Their are free shuttles that you can take, in case you wore the wrong shoes :). Their are a lot of cute boutiques in the Pavilions which is 16 and Welton. If you get hungry their are plenty of restaurants you can stop in. You also have to walk down to 15 and Larimer, they have a lot of cute boutiques too and the best zucchini cake topped with fresh fruit (Spring Fling) at The Market. I would say come down about 4pm because that's when they turn the white Christmas lights, they are up year round!
  • The Broker restaurant - I love it because it's built in an old bank and some of the tables are in the vault. We always get a big bowl of shrimp with a dinner entree complimentary.
  • If you have time to catch a play the Preforming Arts does a really good job with their plays. My favorite is "A Christmas Carol". We catch it every year :).  The architecture is great and the sculptures out front are really neat too. If you want to catch a bite their are a few restaurants inside or within walking distance. A favorite of ours which is a few blocks away is La Fondue.
  • Pepsi center- if you into hockey like we are it's a nice arena. Although, I haven't been anywhere else :). The people are really friendly when I where my MN Wild jersey.
  • Estes Park is a really cute little town with fun souvenir shopping. You can drive through the national park too and see elk, maybe even moose. It's also home to the famous Stanley hotel. (click Stanley hotel for pictures and my previous review). We took a ghost tour which I thought was really fun and interesting. I would definitely recommend getting a room here if your into ghosts. A few of the rooms are haunted and I think someday would be fun to have my own personal experience.
  • Botanic Gardens are really pretty and offer free days throughout the year (sorry 2011 isn't available yet). I love going to Blossom of Lights in Denver or Trail of Lights in Chatfield. Click here to see pictures from the fall.

  • Denver Zoo - is a really fun place to go too. Of course if your city has a zoo I'm sure it's the same thing :). But you definitely should go to the zoo lights I think it's really pretty to see the animals exhibits covered in lights.
  • Lights parade - happens the first Saturday on December.
  • Belmar - or Lakewood (Alemeda and Wadsworth) I love the artsy vibe of Belmar. They have really nice condos that over look the shopping center. In the winter they decorate the streets with lights and ornaments. They even make their own ice skating rink for a few months and have skate rentals. I get the New York City vibe, of course it's not as big. I just think skating outside in a city is what does it for me.
  • Downtown Historic Littleton - for more little fashion boutiques.

  • A few of more places to visit are (depending on how long you have):
    • Colorado Springs
    • Red Rocks
    • Evergreen
    • Steamboat Springs
    • Breckenridge
    • Georgetown
If you have any questions about where to go or if something is fun let me know! :)

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