Monday, September 6, 2010

taste of Colorado

African Spurred Tortoise
We just got home from going to the taste of Colorado. We went 3 years ago for the first time and thought we wanted to check it out again. Plus Brett Michael's was preforming tonight and I wanted to see him in concert. So walking to the event we encountered something strange. A giant turtle crawling along on the sidewalk with an owner saying "c'mon baby". LOL! Who would have guessed you could train your turtle as your dog. Anyway, I loved this turtle it was so cute. Reminded me of the ocean. As we got to the taste of Colorado we went to buy tickets to start our samplings of restaurants in the Denver area. My boyfriend started off with sweet potato fries and of course I went for the fondue cheese. Both were really good. We then had to find some beer to wash it down. The taste of Colorado is a free event so it was really busy and for the space they allowed for the event it was hard to walk through the crowd. Which made it hard to walk around without spilling your beer on the person in front of you. It also reminded us of why we haven't gone previous years. I then saw GiGi's cupcakes they were cute mini cupcakes. I had a vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It was delicious. So light and creamy and the cake was moist. We stopped by the Dunken Donut truck for samples of ice coffees. The guy was very nice and gave us as many as we wanted. We then spun the Dunken wheel and I won a Dunkin Donut reuse-able shopping bag and my boyfriend won a free bag of coffee. We both wanted the free coffee for a year though! We then met a guy walking around with his iguana's so I had to get a picture. Well by this time we noticed that the main stage was getting crowded (where Brett Michael's was preforming). So we walked over to try and get a good seat. Brett's band put on a little pre show for us which was really nice. Helped with the waiting. Once the show started then came the pushing and fighting and we were in the middle of a throw down. People we're trying to get through and no one was letting them by with their strollers. So please Taste of Colorado next year plan more space for the event and set up the concert stages better.  If you've one to the taste of Colorado or have an event like this in your state leave your favorite foods.

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