Friday, September 10, 2010

Feel good..

1.Smile at a stranger.

2.Warm your favorite blanket in the dryer for a few minutes before bed.

3.Call someone you’re thinking about.

4.Leave a note in your mailbox thanking your mail carrier.

5.Buy a cup of coffee for the next person in line.

6.Straighten up a mess.

7.Invite someone over for dinner.

8.Pour a bubble bath for a loved one and give them an uninterrupted hour alone.

9.Volunteer an hour of our time at an elementary school or after-school program.

10.Set your alarm an hour early and make a special breakfast on an ordinary week day.

11.Reach out to someone new.

12.Make a plate of cookies for someone, just because.

13.Tutor a student.

14.Celebrate a small victory with helium balloons.

15.Give all the change in your wallet to the jar on the counter.

16.Instead of throwing out your old magazines, offer them to a friend.

17.Offer a listening ear instead of advice.

18.Honk for happy reasons.

19.Treat yourself to a milkshake.

20.Better yet, treat someone else.

21.Send a funny card in the mail.

22.Switch the roll of toilet paper.

23.Hold the door for someone.

24.Memorize a joke and tell it to three people.

25. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or adopt a grandparent for a day.

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