Saturday, September 11, 2010

25 sweet things to do for the one you love....

1. Turn down the covers and leave a chocolate on the pillow.

2. Make heart-shaped food pancakes, sandwiches, and treats.

3. Write a love note and tuck it in your lover’s wallet, briefcase, or lunchbox.

4. Provide your lover with warm towels fresh from the dryer.

5. Write a love note on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.

6. Share a giant plate of spaghetti sit close and hope to slurp the same noodle.

7. Return the favor and perform a chore your sweetheart usually tends to.

8. Write a love note and leave it in their shoe.

9. Offer a 10-minute neck or foot massage.

10. Have a movie night and watch your lover’s favorite movie.

11. Provide breakfast in bed and a book they’ve been waiting to read.

12. Make a singing telegram and email it to your lover.

13. Go for a walk, hand-in-hand.

14. Send a love note in the mail, every day for a week.

15. Kiss for at least ten seconds.

16. Use/wear gifts your lover has given you over time.

17. Write a thank you note for all the little things that seem to go unnoticed.

18. Support your love’s dreams provide supplies, time, or opportunity for them to pursue something they love.

19. Turn off cell phones, computers, and TV for an entire evening and talk, talk, talk together.

20. Share a slow dance, even if it’s in the kitchen.

21. Think of three things you admire about your lover and let them know.

22. Offer your time, assistance, or input for one of your lover’s projects or ideas.

23. Vacuum your darling’s car and wipe down the dash and seats. Add a new air freshener too.

24. Write a love poem for your lover and read it out loud.

25. Create a playlist of love songs that remind you of your lover and burn them a disc.

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